Traveling Dresser

When we are not working for our clients, we enjoy doing some of our own home projects. In 1978, Dave and I were living in Long Beach, CA in Navy housing. Just married and having moved from South Sioux City, NE we did not have much. We purchased a pair of solid oak dressers for $100. At the time, we did some refinishing to freshen up the used dressers. The dressers would travel back with us to South Sioux and then to several homes in Omaha.

Flash forward 37 years, I decided to update the pair. We had also added a new used headboard to complete our bedroom furniture set. I researched some ideas on Pinterest (check out our Pinterest Page) and developed a plan.  I decided to paint part of the dresser and leave some of it stained.  I had to keep the handles, because they are a custom size, and there was nothing standard that would fit. We had to purchase Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations in ‘Linen’ to use in our kitchen but did not end up using it.  The paint was just sitting in the basement. So I went to work on the dresser and headboard. It took more than one coat of the base since I was going from dark stain to light paint, but it only took one coat of glaze.  I am pretty happy with the results. #welcomehomeomaha