Mixing It Up with Chalk Paint

I like finding inexpensive pieces of furniture and refinishing them.  These two bedside tables were purchased at Nebraska Furniture Mart.



I had purchased a sage green bedspread, so I was looking for a complimentary color. I took Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Chateau Gray (which is really a green/gray) and added Country Grey (which is really a beige/gray) by the spoonful until I got the right color. The lady at the Annie Sloan supply store told me that the small 4 ounce paint container would cover both of these tables.  I was skeptical, but she was right!  I ended up using a clear coat on these tables, not the Annie Sloan wax.



Once I got it right, I dipped a shim in it so I could use it to match other items for the bedroom.  I later used this paint chip/shim to choose an accent pillow for the bed. Try this trick: dip paints sticks in the paint and write the name of the color on the paint stick. Helps to match paint colors on future projects. #welcomehomeomaha




Dodge Cares #welcomehomeomaha

We give back to the community in honor of each buyer & seller that we serve.  This week we attended the annual ‘Dodge Cares’ event where top contributors were honored for donations given in 2015.  NP Dodge Real Estate matches our contributions up to $250, and we were thankful for our opportunity to serve so many clients and well exceed that number.  The total donation to local nonprofits from NP Dodge was $75,198.  #welcomehomeomaha