Pet Doors


Doggie doors are a wonderful convenience for both you and your pet. Recently we were showing a house and the potential buyer mentioned that she would have to install a doggie door in the house. We happened to have another client with the perfect solution. This homeowner had installed the Power Pet Automatic Pet Door. This was a nice solution for a doggie door. Another brand to consider is PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor.

Check out this video to see how it works.  Visit our website at for more information on the Omaha Real Estate market as well as our current listings.




Outside Entertaining

Here is our most recent client renovation. With a lot of patience and hard work they built an outside bench and fire pit for entertainment. Read their story below:

“We purchased a pallet of pavers from Home Depot on sale. We bought the paver sand and gravel in bulk from Lanoha. Several trips and lots of loading sand. We sealed the pavers with a cement and paver mix that we dyed red (which is why all the pavers look red in the picture). The hardest part was using a wet stone saw to size down pavers in the odd spots. Other than that it was level the sand, tamp to compact it, and place your pavers, painstakingly, by hand until finished.”

Screenshot 2016-04-02 at 11.11.18 PMDisplaying image2.JPG Displaying image2.JPG

“The bench was a faster project. We purchased treated wood from Menards and cut to fit the existing shape of our terracing. Some bolts and wood screws secured everything together and we decided to add a shelf to hold your drink. A lot of drilling for a beautiful bench to enjoy the backyard.”


“We added a fire pit using limestone that was found around the property. Some fire safe brick bought from Home Depot lined the bottom to protect our pavers.  Then we built it up using a cement mix.”  Here is the finished project and it looks fantastic!