Teenager Bedroom Makeover

It can be tricky to match your preteen or teenager’s design style to your own home design style. This was the challenge our past client had when renovating her daughter’s room. Here is their renovation story:

We recently did a bunch of work in my daughter’s room.

Room as it started (messy and pre teen like.)


Thankfully, she’s no longer at an age where everything has to be pink, she wanted teal. I told her a lot of teal is pretty dark, so we settled on striping one wall with two shades of teal, we chose a warm yellow as the main wall color.

We painted the wall that we wanted to stripe a week ahead of time in yellow:


Then, we measured and taped for our stripes:


We used two colors of teal, one in an eggshell and the other in a satin for added interest


Paint is Menard’s least expensive brand, it worked just fine for our purposes.

Finished striped wall:


We did have to do a bit of touch up on the wall after the fact, with an art brush.

We also painted all her furniture to either refresh or match. We used a spray primer for the two items we weren’t sure were latex paint previously. It was such a fast option that it was well worth the extra cost of a spray can.

The finished room:


Fit for a preteen, and should grow well with her in the upcoming years.