Front Door Update

When we moved into our current house, we inherited an outdated front door. At first we thought that we would replace it. We priced out some front doors and quickly realized that a new front door would have to wait. Fresh paint and updated hardware would have to do for now. As with any old house repairs, none of this would be easy. Here is what we started with:0710161347

A few problems here. 1) The door is hollow. 2) There is a hole for a deadbolt at the bottom of the door. 3) The lead of the glass has been painted. 4) The window leaks when it rains 5) The antique door knocker that was given to me screws do not line up with the current door knocker holes. 6-8) problems that we would find out later as we put in the new hardware.

Knowing the obstacle that lie ahead, I ran down to my local ACE Hardware. Luckily, I was helped by an older man who was very experienced in home improvement. He set me up with some good products.


Durham’s Rock Hard Water Putty = awesome! This product comes in a powder form which you mix with water to the desired consistency. So I took the deadbolt out, stuffed with newspaper, puttied, and sanded.

Then I puttied and sanded the door knocker and sealed the window with caulk. I also scraped the paint off of the lead of the window.

After everything dried I painted the door the same color as the brown trim.


A couple months have past and we recently added new hardware and worked on a better seal for the bottom of the door. Here is the finished product which cost about $150. A little hard work saved us some money!  Final product with a little fall decor.