Is Your Home Secure?

Recently, our neighborhood has had a few burglaries during the day. This served as reminder for us to update some of our home security features.


We have had a security system through Monotronics for years now. It allows us to have sensors on all of the doors and windows. If any of these entry points open a loud beep goes off for 1 minute before the alarm is triggered. At that time, a message is sent to the security company and they call police. We can also set the alarm when we are away so that sensors go of if someone is walking around the house. The feature that makes me feel the best is the fire alarm. If our fire alarm goes off then the fire department is dispatched to our house. We always set our alarm at night but at times we do forget to set the alarm when we leave for the day. Our company also allows you to set the alarm through your cell phone. There are so many different companies available. SimpliSafe offers many of the similar features.

We have also considered getting RING.COM so we can see who is at the door.

A quick google search and you can find different companies in Omaha that offer a variety of security systems


When we purchased our home we inherited some drilled out deadbolts that needed to be replaced. After replacing the deadbolts we decided to also add another security feature (for those times we fail to set our alarm), Dead Bolt Secure. Apparently for a few bucks it prevents “lock bumping”. Lock bumping is a fairly simple way for thieves to enter your home.



If you have a sliding glass back door, here are some options for you:

  1. security bars
  2. double bolt locksdownload-11
  3. sliding door lockdownload-12
  4. door sensor

Ideas to prevent thieves from breaking glass:

  1. window film, blinds, or curtains so they can’t see in
  2. glass break detectors that sound your alarm systemdownload-13


We often forget this is another point of entrance.

  1. Motion Lights above your garage
  2. Window film
  3. Secure your doors emergency release with zip ties
  4. Don’t leave your garage remote in your car
  5. Frequency changers – Modern automatic garage door openers now feature rolling-code technology. Prior to this thieves could just drive through a neighborhood pushing their purchased transmitter. If they had the same brand that you purchased than your door would open. 
  6. MyQ alerts when a garage door opens.

    Hope these few ideas help make you feel safe and sound in your home!