Finding Inspiration in your Home

Styles change. Something that you may have liked a few years ago just does not appeal to you anymore. That is what happened to me with this wall art that I had bought at Hobby Lobby about 5 years ago. I would sit on my couch and look at it and it was just boring. I appreciate pieces in my house that make me happy or are creative. It just wasn’t doing it anymore.  It was uninspiring. So on a snow day stuck inside with kids, I decided impulsively that it must be changed. I looked through the internet but couldn’t find anything that I liked enough that I would pay for. I started pinning things that were refreshing to me. Recently, I have fallen in love with the concrete tiles like this:


I kept coming back to this abstract art designs. That’s when I decided that I would just do it myself. I had acrylic paint left over from another project and white wall paint in the basement. No canvas though and we were snowed in. So I grabbed the uninspiring canvas off of the wall and painted it white:

Let it dry and started my design inspiration.

0116171141 (1).jpg

When I was done, I lightly brushed a stain over the top.


We hung it up where the painting had been. Aww, fresh and new. Happy with the end product and love that it is something that my husband and I made together. Inspired!